Most Beautiful Europe Cities

When we talk about the destinations of our dreams there are several European cities at the top of every list. They are amazing as they have learnt to combine the modern world with their history preserving buildings and giving the tourists various options to tour the city. The fact is that there are hundreds of countries in Europe, with hundreds of cities, all of them worth visiting.

Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Berlin are among the most popular cities in Europe, but a city has not to be big to be beautiful.”s submitted readers to vote in a Readers” Choice award of all the cities in Europe and the most beautiful city in the ranking is not that popular, so if you are thinking to travel to Europe, you may want to reconsider the cities you are visiting.

The top winner of most beautiful Europe cities is Riga, in Latvia. The Paris of the East combines the power of a big city with the history of a very old town with rich culture. In the second place, voters have chosen Bergen in Norway with colorful houses and an amazing active town surrounded by a small harbor. Third place id for Innsbruck in Austria having the largest resorts in the Alps.

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