Is Zyppah Worth Trying?

Zyppah ReviewZyppah is a very controversial device because of the way it looks. I mean, vibrant colors, the way it looks, the elastic band, it is not a simplistic device. Honestly, it looks uncomfortable, but I am very curious and I bought it to give it a try, after all, it is the only anti-snoring product that works like a tongue retainer and a mandibular advancement device, a product offering two solutions could not be that bad. The shipping was fast and your have a 30 days free trial option, something not all companies offer.  Had to do the boil and bite process to get it custom fit, which is actually very easy. Just immerse your Zyppah into hot water, take it out and bite firmly and then immerse into cold water. I was amazed by the results, not only I did not snore, but I did not drool or feel soreness at all. It felt really comfortable and it never fell off. It is my favorite mouthpiece now, I am just glad I gave it a try.

It was produced from a medical grade material, it is BPA free and latex free so it is very safe to use. It was also cleared by the Federal Drugs Administration before being released. It is very comfortable, no gag reflexes ever felt, and I am a mouth breather and I did not have any problem using it as it has a hole in the flow that allows the proper entrance of air. You can also choose a size from women or one for men. You will feel fully refreshed the day after, you must give Zyppah Rx a try. Look at this site for more information.

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